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Your Apartments Hold Hidden Value

You are probably already a successful real estate investor; however, you could be missing opportunities to improve your earnings. If your rental properties aren't in good shape, it may be difficult to find tenants. AV Properties provides full-service property management for clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx. and Atlanta, Ga. Regions. From full construction rehabs to leasing apartments, we do what is necessary to increase the value of your properties and to help you generate more income.

The AV Properties Difference

• With 30 Years of Experience, AV Properties Has Recognized above Market NOI through Economic Downturns and Booms

• AV Properties Has Consistently Ranked above Market in Occupancy Rates

• AV Properties Has Consistently Been Able to Operate Efficiently with Lower Operating Expenses

• AV Properties Draws on the Diverse Knowledge and Strengths of Its' Team of in-House Accountants, Lawyers, and Seasoned Managers

• AV Properties' Intense Oversight of Expenses and Ability to Negotiate with Vendors from a Position of Strength Has Resulted in Its Being Able to Achieve Below Average Operating Costs of Its Properties.

• AV Properties Clients Enjoy the Comfort of Knowing Their Properties Have Strong, Detailed Supervision

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Custom Property Assistance

There's no reason to call anyone because we will handle all of your property management needs. To make sure that your real estate assets retain their value, we perform a variety of services such as:

On-Site Management Services:
• Supervision of on-Site Office and Maintenance Personnel
• Tenant Screenings and Evictions
• Targeted Marketing Programs to Increase Collections

Maintenance and Construction Services:
• Preventive Maintenance
• Construction Project Supervision
• Address All Work Orders

Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Forecasting Services:
• Vendor Relations and Bill Processing
• Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Loan Review
• Protest Property Assessments and Tax Increases

Property and Market Research:
• Value Assessments
• Market Rent Research
• Capital Improvement Plan Evaluations

Funding and Investment Marketing Services:
• Investor Relations
• Acquisition Funding
• Deal Marketing